Troubleshooting - not receiving email

If you are able to receive emails but are having trouble sending, the following steps should be taken.


First of all, try sending an email to yourself. If you receive a bounceback message, look for an error message to find out what the issue could be.

The most common cause of not being able to receive emails is a disk quota issue. When you set up your email account with us, you are given a specific amount of space on the server (disk space) to store your web files and emails. With IMAP accounts, a lot more is stored on the server, so your account requires a larger amount of space. When the mailbox is full, you may still be able to send but all email that is sent to you is bounced back to the customer.


To rectify this situation, there are a couple of options: deleting mail that is stored on the server or buying more disk space.


To delete mail from the server, you must login to your webmail account ( and delete any unwanted mail. Simply deleting mail from your computer will not delete it from the server. You can program your computer to delete mail from the server at specific period. This is usually done through the advanced options in your mail program. Please note that when mail is deleted from the server, we will be unable to retrieve it.


If you have enough disk space but are still unable to send email, you should check your incoming mail server settings, which should look like:


Incoming mail server:

Incoming port number: 110 (POP3) or 143 (IMAP)


Username: This should always be your full email address

Password: This is the password that was created when the account was created (if you cannot remember your password, please login into the cPanel and change to something more memorable).


If the problems persist, please take note of any error messages and contact us as soon as possible.

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